Leading Manufacturer Of Linear Thrusters

Established in 1968 to design and build innovative production machinery, Ultramation Inc. has worked successfully through the years in fields as diverse as textiles, woodworking, apparel manufacturing and food packaging. In recent years, Ultramation has focused on the development and growth of our pneumatic and hydraulic Linear Thruster lines and has become a leading manufacturer of linear motion products.

Applications include custom Two Shaft Linear Thrusters developed for right angle transfers in automotive assembly plants, Four Shaft Linear Thrusters integrated into pick and place tub conveying systems for postal handling facilities and Moveable Housing Linear Thrusters for automated fastener systems for the woodworking industry.

Custom Solutions that Meet Your Needs

With over thirty years experience in the fields of electronics and electromechanical automation, we understand the problems faced by today's design engineers and, more important; we help provide creative solutions for the implementation of their design goals. We also understand that flexibility is critical in the design process therefore we offer customization of standard product as well as complete custom solutions. We recognize that the special products of today quite often become the standard products of tomorrow. Take a tour of the Specials photo gallery and see just a few examples of the linear motion expertise that we have to offer.

High Quality Thrusters at the Best Price

Ultramation prides itself in outstanding quality, incomparable customer service, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and timely engineering and technical support. We are truly committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product at the best price.

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